Programme Objectives

The programme aims to impart a new understanding of bubbles through first-hand discoveries, all the while developing confidence and presentational skills. Students will gain basic dexterity skills and utilize them towards the tasks prepared for them. It also encourages students to reapply these newfound skills and knowledge into daily situations and future pursuits, optimising their creativity and curiosity.

Through learning about bubbles, students will also be acquainted with simple topics from science and mathematics that play a huge role in the formation of a Bubble. Additionally, students will be introduced to the history of soap bubbles, and the practical applications and uses of Bubbles today.

Students will explore the various abilities and uses of a bubble themselves, and observe professional experiments conducted by the trainer. They are encouraged to volunteer during the trainer’s presentation and to try their hand at the easier tasks prepared, in order to develop effective social interaction and class participation. In their experiments, the programme inspires teamwork and personal responsibility through actively working with one another in order to learn.

At the end of the programme, there will be a final activity that will involve every student working together to create an artwork using bubbles. This artwork can be taken home or displayed in the school as testimony to the lessons. A certificate will be presented to the students as a memorable token of having completed the programme.

Programme Learning Outcomes

Theoretical Science behind Bubbles

  • History of soap and bubbles
  • Exploring the creation of a bubble through visualized Science and Mathematics
  • Practical applications in daily life

Practical Science Skills

  • Careful listening to instructions
  • Practicing precision, caution and responsibility
  • Observing the lesson and experiments being conducted by the trainer

Presentational Skills

  • Developing students’ hand-eye coordination and self-awareness
  • Encouraging self-expression and confidence

Social Development

  • Cultivating healthy teamwork
  • Communicating ideas
  • Stimulate passion for personal learning
  • Showing initiative through volunteering

Programme Outline

30 minute Bubble Show

  • History of soap and bubbles
  • Exploring the creation of a bubble through visualized show
  • The brilliant short life of a Bubble
  • Amazing spinning & dancing bubble sculptures
  • As seen on Channel 8’s Singapore Children’s Society Charity Show


30 minute Bubble-ology Workshop

  • Exploring why a Bubble is typically spherical, and how to manipulate its shape
  • Breath control and body awareness suited for activities


30 minute Kid-in-a-Bubble (KIB)

  • Experience life inside a Bubble
  • Memento: Be photographed inside a bubble
  • As featured Singapore Book of Records-Most number of Adults in a Bubble, 2015

30 minute Giant Bubble Playground

  • Using 2D shapes to make 3D bubbles
  • Exploring soap films and how big a bubble can become


30 minute Bubble Rainbows

  • Discovering light & rainbows
  • Making Art with Bubbles and Paint
Programme Schedule Coverage Activity Details
1. Welcome 5 minutes to get to know the attendees
2. Presenting Bubble-ology!

Exposing students to the complex science behind the formation of a single bubble

Revealing the delicate properties of a Bubble

Journey of a Bubble

Wild & wonderful bubble sculptures

Crazy bubble tricks

30 minutes, performance show punctuated with bubble display as examples of science at work.

Call for volunteers to assist during the show.

 3a. Time to Einstein – Bubble-ology Workshop

One Bubble to fill a Plate

2 bubble to make double bubble dome

Many Bubbles to make a Shape

Three Tries to a Triangle

Five More for a Square

25 minutes, pair work.

One works on the experiment and the other observes/assists, then switch.

3b. Disappearing colours

Bubbles and Paint

Bubble Rainbows

Making Art with Bubbles and Paint


25 minutes

Demonstration by trainer. Students paint their booklets covers

3c. Life inside a Bubble

See how soap films can stretch into huge bubbles

View the world from inside a massive bubble

25 minutes

experience life inside a bubble with a partner.  Teachers to take photos as memento

3d. Giant Bubble Playground

Using 2D shapes to make 3D bubbles

How big can a bubble become

25 minutes

group work. Select a wand, guess what shape bubble it will make.  Test & discover


Closing Speech


5 minutes

Thank you and good bye, plus certificate of attendance presentation

Programme Title: Bubble-ology ½ Day Camp
Target Audience: K1 and K2
Venue required: Hall or stage, 2x Class rooms  with tables & chairs, and 

1x Outdoors space

Duration: 2.5 hrs
Student: Instructor Ratio 25 students to 1 instructor (plus class teachers) max 100 kids