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Junior Giant Bubble Kit


  • 1x 40 cm tri-string wand with swivel joints
  • Colours; red, blue or lilac

Small carbon Footprint

Our bubble wands are made here in Singapore from materials sourced here too. No importing items and passing the costs on to you. This helps us to reduce our collective carbon footprint.


Our bubble juice is formulated especially for Singapore and the tropics. Singapore’s climate is very hot and very humid. This plays a huge role in how a bubble juice performs. Bubble liquids purchased oversea in temperate climates are formulated for their climates. If you want giant bubbles our juice delivers that huge WOW!


It’s a mix and play, which means you only need to mix what you need, when you need it, creating less wastage for you.

3x the power

Mix 1 part juice with 3 parts water. I.E. mix 1 cup juice to 3 cups water / 100 ml juice to 300 ml water.

Minimal Packaging

Another way we can all help is to reduce the amount of packaging we use. Ok pretty packaging looks great, but you are just going to throw it away. What’s inside is more important. We’d prefer to offer you value for money products and not waste your money on packaging. What packaging we do use, we try to recycle or use recyclable materials.

This wand is great for 4 years and older


  • 40 cm tri-string wand with swivel joints
  • 250 ml concentrate bubble juice (mixes up to 1 litre of juice)
  • Colours: red, blue or lilac


Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 55 × 10 × 10 cm

red, blue, lilac


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